Our commitment to you

Our engagement

Each Member of our team is at your disposal to support you throughout your job search efforts.

In this sense, TAS is committed to:

  • Forward your resume to clients only;
  • Keep confidential all personal information (only authorized personnel can access your file);
  • Inform you with the detailed responsibilities related to the job offer;
  • No fees are required on your part;
  • Pay you regularly as part of a temporary assignment;
  • Subscribe to the principle of employment equity.

No fee is required: neither at the opening of your file, or in the process of hiring.

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Working conditions


The regular and temporary staff employed at TAS receive a range of benefits after a three month probation period. These benefits are available to contribute to the overall well-being of our employees and their families.

Among these benefits, there is a collective insurance which includes the following elements:

  • Health care insurance plan: covers expenses related to prescription drugs, hospital care, professional services, the vision care, medical supplies, travel insurance, etc.;
  • Long term disability insurance plan;
  • Life insurance for the employee and spouse plan;

You will receive a comprehensive insurance document upon hiring.

In addition to this collective insurance, TAS subscribes to the requirements of the CSST and the Quebec Labour Standards Commission.