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Frequently asked questions

In order to support you in your job search efforts, we have raised the most frequently asked questions.

However, you can contact a member of our team if you do not find the answer to your question: we will always be happy to answer you.

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What is the best way to submit my RESUME?

The fastest and most effective way to be considered for a position at TAS is to submit your resume by following the instructions on our website under the section JOB APPLICATION.

Are they any fees for the opening of my file at TAS?

No, no fees will be required on the part of the candidates.

The opening of your file is done automatically upon receipt of your resume.

What happens to my RESUME once sent to TAS?

Stacked up to the ceiling? In the trash? No! Each received resume is read carefully, and then analyzed. It is then classified rigorously in our computerized database. This allows us to contact you when available jobs match your profile and/or your goals.

Of course, you can update your resume by visiting our website.
This service is completely confidential and free.

How does the interview process works?

Once started the selection process, we usually do two interviews. The first consists in a telephone interview. If your profile matches the requirements of the position and the challenge interests you, your application will be presented to the client. If it is accepted by the customer, the second interview is a meeting with a member of our recruiting team.

Interviews are conducted in the form of questions about your skills and abilities, and in the form of exchange where you can also ask questions.

What will happen to my application if I’m not considered for the job?

Your resume and accompanying documents will be retained in our computerized records. All these documents are kept and treated in the strictest confidence.

If your profile matches another job than the one for which you have applied, an advisors will be able to contact you to know if you want to apply for this other post.

Once my application retained by TAS, who is my employer?

For any temporary employment, the employer is TAS. You are therefore paid by us on a regular basis and take advantage of the benefits of the company if applicable.

For any permanent employment, your employer is the client company.

Do you hire people of foreign nationality?

TAS offers employment to all people without discrimination against their origin. The selection is made on the basis of skills and motivation shown by the candidate.

Thus, all candidates meet the conditions of employment are entitled to a position within TAS.

Why is important to stay in touch with TAS?

We have mandates that are entrusted to us on a daily basis.

By keeping in touch with us via our web site (in the jobs section), you remain aware of the positions available according to your career goal.

Why is important to update my resume?

It is very important to send us your updated resume because this way, it will be easy to find a job that really matches your skills and employment goals.

Are there only temporary positions available?

No. Many of our clients are seeking employees for full-time permanent positions.

We offer a variety of jobs that match your preferences.

What happens if I have a temporary job with TAS and the client company wishes to hire me permanently?

TAS is recognized for the quality of its resources. Several of them are thus hired at all times by our customers. This practice is common among us and is even encouraged.

Is there a deduction on my hourly rate when I work at TAS?

No, there is no withholding or collection on your hourly wage; It is the client company who will pay for the cost of hiring and this will affect in any way your pay.

When I get a job at TAS, how will I receive my pay?

You must first complete your timesheets every week and have them signed by your supervisor. You then send them by fax or by e-mail no later than all the Monday of each week so that we can process your payroll.

For more information on the exact date of the receipt of your first payroll, please contact us. If the reception of your timesheet is late, we will treat it the following week. This can cause a delay on the receiving of your pay. Your pay will be paid by direct deposit every Wednesday night at 23:30. You need to send us by mail your specimen cheque upon hiring.

If have to be away from my job, who do I notify?

You should first notify your supervisor and then inform us, regardless of the reason for your absence.

This information will allow us to maintain your record of employee and to respond more quickly to your requests, if applicable.

When I send my resume to TAS, should I recall or follow-up?

NO. By sending your resume to TAS your application is analyzed by professionals and is filed rigorously in our computerized database.

This allows us to contact you when available jobs match your profile.

Does TAS offers group insurance to its employees?

YES! All TAS employees have access to a group insurance program.