Living in the age of Airplanes

Living in the age of Airplanes
Living in the age of Airplanes
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For millennia, the prospect of flying was nothing but pure fantasy. Until relatively recently, traveling to other continents was an adventure reserved exclusively for intrepid explorers. Today, millions of people fly across land and sea aboard tens of thousands of planes each day. In just one century, humanity’s dream of flight has become ordinary.

Fly across the globe to 18 countries over all 7 continents and explore just how profoundly aviation has changed our lives. Rediscover the magic of flying thanks to breathtaking aerial views of the landscape, a perspective normally reserved for pilots.

Let your wonder for the skies take flight with stunning IMAX® images set against a spectacular score from Academy Award® winning composer James Horner. This is your ticket to an unforgettable encounter with one of the most extraordinary accomplishments of the modern age.

Presented by National Geographic Entertainment.

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