TAS | Expert in recruitment for more than 20 years

Services offered to the candidates are the following:

  • Processing of your application with professionalism, fairness, integrity, and confidentiality;
  • Employment tips and coaching;
  • Training;
  • Follow-up after employment;
  • Personalized service;
  • Speed of action;
  • High availability.

TAS is committed to the principle of employment equity and encourages all qualified individuals to apply.

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TAS | Partner in your job search efforts!


Stages of the hiring process

Our hiring process occurs in four stages:

  • Candidates selection*;
  • Telephone interview;
  • Meeting with a TAS counsellor**;
  • Interview with prospective employer.
  • According to the mandate and the requirements of the client, the CGP certification will be made ***.

According to the types of job, the candidates have passed the stages of the recruitment process will be summoned for a medical examination prior to employment.

*In the stage of the selection, there is verification of all the competencies: skills and know-how.

** For an interview at our office, the documents required are as follows:

  • 2 pieces of identification with photo (including the health insurance card and driver’s licence);
  • Employment related qualifications and diplomas related to studies.
  • Quebec Birth Certificat or Passeport;
  • Canadian citizenship card or Permanent Resident Card (if applies);
  • Proof of group insurance (if applies);
  • Specimen cheque.
  • Three relevant references;

*** In order to complete the form CGP here is some additional information:

  • Addresses inhabited during the last 5 years (the most recent to the oldest uninterrupted, start date must correspond with the date on the other line).
  • Jobs occupied in the last 5 years with the addresses of the companies (descending order without interruption if applies include unemployment and/or training);
  • 3 personal references who know you for at least 5 years with their complete address (including postal code), telephone (no family or person living with you is accepted). Easy to reach during business hours;
  • 3 professional references related to previous employment with the phone numbers for each person;
  • Educational institutions with addresses;
  • All valid Passport: issuing country, #Passeport, date of issue, the name on the Passport, date of expiry;
  • All the countries visited, number of visit, the subject and date of travel.

TAS has the career opportunity for you!

Whether you’re looking for a job in aerospace or other industrial sector areas, TAS accompanies you in your job search.

Our rigorous recruitment process allows us to identify accurately employment which will both seek your skills and your interests for a position.


  • Aircraft Component Repair Technician
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft Mechanical Engineer
  • Aircraft Sheet Metal Technician
  • Assembler – Electrical | Mechanical | Structural
  • Avionic
  • Buyer
  • Cabinet maker
  • Composite Technician
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programmer
  • Designer: Components | Structures | Systems or tools on computer
  • Flight Simulator Technician
  • Inspector
  • Interior finish Specialist | Upholstery
  • Method Agent
  • Metrologist
  • Non-destructive testing maintenance (NDT) Technician
  • Painter
  • Pilot
  • Programmer, Developper, Software Engineer
  • Surface Treatment Operator and Machinist
  • Technologist, Quality Insurance
  • Test Engineer


  • Buyer
  • Material Handlers
  • Assemblers – Electrical | Mechanical
  • Truck driver
  • Electrical Mechanics
  • Engineer – Civil | Electrical | Industrial | Mechanical | Mines
  • Machinist (CNC and Conventional)
  • Storekeepers and Parts Clerks
  • Mechanic – Heavy Machinery | Industrial | Agricultural
  • Toolmaker
  • Painter
  • Welder


  • Administration
  • Project manager
  • Team leader
  • Supervisor
  • Operations management


  • Parts clerk
  • Designer
  • Electrician
  • Computer Technician

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